Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens

Zoe has an autistic sister. And with an autistic sister comes a guardian angel who is H-O-T! With his charm, funniness, and honesty she does the only thing she can do, fall in love with him. She faces a lot of stuff with her pothead brother, her autistic sister,  her parents, and her best friend. But she goes through it all with love floating through her mind. 

To me this book was amazing! I absolutely loved it! The plot was perfect and so were the characters. I liked Zoe's sassiness and awesome comebacks. I loved the romance between her and the guardian angel, Matthias. I'm a big sucker for cheesy romance. I also like how the author showed the emotions going on very well. Like you can tell when someone is furious or super happy. So many things happen in this book that its to good for words. In all, its humor, sadness, and best of all romance.